New Music from Mike Neumeyer Music coming out June 19th, 2016

“E-Miketronic Music” is my first electronic music release. Really it is my first venture into composing electronic music in general.

Some of these works are existing works that I have already written in an acoustic setting, but rearranged and often set to extra sounds and beats.

2014-04-26 14.49.33

Everything started with the track “Acoustic Drive.” It was my birthday and I was actually spending it alone! 🙁

(I didn’t mind) Mostly because I am happy when flow is happening and especially musical flow. 🙂 I had just started to record a loop early on a Saturday afternoon. Out of this loop (played on a five-octave marimba) I came up with many other ideas, including a groove, chord progression and a melody.

The piece evolved and so did my curiosity with electronic sounds and music. I had a blast and continued to work with 2016-04-16 23.01.40new works and existing compositions – experimenting with transforming them into an electronic entity. This was so fun and lasted over two years! 🙂 (one of my favorites is “Lands of a Timeless Realm” – which is exactly where I am when happiness and “flow” are happening, like during the composition process of these works)


So it is time to share it. hint hint 🙂 Totally share this with your friends if you enjoy it. I can’t wait to write more and this may just be the beginning…


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