Mallet Solos

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“Beyond these Blades of Grass” for solo marimba
This work is the solo marimba version that came during the composition of the percussion ensemble version of “Beyond these Blades of Grass”  This work is dedicated to Jacob Lutzke, the section leader of the front ensemble for the 2016 Oak Creek High School Marching Knights.  This piece is meant to evoke feelings toward those long term relationships and events that we join, such as marching band or sports teams.  We have to build up a great relationship sometimes to move right on to the next live endeavor afterwards!  What is beyond these blades of grass? 🙂
Beginner, Intermediate – 2-3 min – $10

“Cloud Nine” for two mallets – for solo vibraphone

This work is meant for developing players who want to have fun with accidentals! Mostly on the black keys, it is idiomatic, yet there will be some music reading to do! :)Please *Choose to be on “Cloud Nine” – this piece has an affect of happiness and realization that it is our choice to be happy.
Beginner, Intermediate – 2-3 min – $5

“Feels” for two mallets – for solo vibraphone
I wrote this work out thinking of a friend from a while ago, so it has a feeling of reminiscence to it.  But it also shows happiness and a settled feeling of comfort because of the friendship.  Very approachable with two mallets, this will help a player show emotion and impress an audience through simplicity, tone and resonance. 🙂
Beginner, Intermediate – 2 min – $5

Turn & Hop – for solo vibraphone
“Turn & Hop” for vibraphone solo is a newer work that is approachable yet has its own challenges! Enjoy the downs and ups of this wonderful new piece! :)Intermediate, Advanced – 4 min – $7

Spaced In – for solo marimba
This is the solo marimba version of “Spaced in” !

Originally composed for percussion ensemble (check out my “ensembles” page!), this work was originally conceived on marimba – just like major symphonies were originally for piano some of the time! Enjoy!

Intermediate, Advanced – 4 min – $10


Lifelong Traditions: for vibraphone solo

This work is dedicated to my mother, and in part my Grandfather. We play with puzzles when we visit for Christmas and it can relate to any tradition that some of us have in our families. My grandfather made puzzles with us and he would always say “don’t leave yet, we have to finish the puzzle!…” (only to later claim that he put the puzzle together himself! ha! “I did that!” ) 🙂 😛

Beginner, Intermediate – 2 min – $5


Calming Breeze: for vibraphone solo

This vibraphone solo is dedicated to my father, representing a soft breeze while on a fishing boat. it has swells, ebbs and flows in tempo and this is the waves and the wind. I love you Dad! 🙂

Intermediate – 1.5 min – $5


Delicate: for vibraphone solo

This is a very gentle piece that was written for and inspired by a great friend; Carlos Johnson.  The work starts by repeating on main theme with different chordal settings underneath and soon blossoms into a multi-sectioned musical journey on the vibraphone.

Intermediate – 3 min – $7


Heavenly Home: A Songbook for Vibraphone
This is a collection if five selections that I wrote for solo vibraphone for intermediate level playing.  It includes “Looking Forward” commissioned by Kevin Kasza.  Inspired partly by me buying my first vibraphone, please check it out! 🙂

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced – 13 min – $20


Looking Forward: for solo vibraphone

This approachable work for developing four mallet players was written for and premiered by Kevin Kasza from the Oak Creek High School Marching Knights.  When it was written Kevin was getting ready to finish high school and head off to college, in a sense “looking forward” to the future endeavors that lie ahead.  Enjoy listening to Kevin perform the work that might be a perfect fit for your next recital!

Intermediate – 3.5 min – $5



Comprovisations: A Songbook for Marimba

This is a collection if five selections from the recently composed and improvised group of solo marimba recordings called “Comprovisations.”  Played from the heart, the works are approachable while having some tricks and interpretations that will stick with the listener and player!

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced – 16 min – $20


Tension Relief is an idiomatic work for solo marimba replicating some minor tonalities and dissonance or “Tension” and a softer, more mellow middle section to contrast with the notion of “Relief.” This piece was written while studying standard intermediate marimba repertoire, making it a great piece for college students!


Secret Song is a great intermediate marimba solo!  Please check out the recording (and click “Add to Cart”)

Mike Neumeyer: Composer, Educator, Percussionist, Marimba & Voice