8.8.12 – Boom. August.

BOOM.  August.  Click below for a video interview of Mike Neumeyer: made by George Christensen of the organization, RAW, when I played for them last month.


Last month I had a wonderful time traveling around Wisconsin to Antigo, Spring Green, and Madison for a mini-tour!  I really have a fun time working with the mixture of ages that visit library programs and these last two library showcases were definitely successful.  I love seeing eyes open and jaws drop when I play the magnificent marimba – and I giggle myself when an audience of children and their parents get to watch me play an inflatable saxophone! 🙂

Thank you to Brenda Francis at Spring Green Public Library and Anna Krueger at Antigo Public Library for these wonderful opportunities!

The RAW showcase in Madison was great as well!  It was different performing marimba and voice on a stage all “mic’d” (get it?) – but it was a very positive experience with great supportive comments from the audience!  Thank you Miera Kookasemkit and all others at RAW for that opportunity!

In the future for Mike Neumeyer seems to be pointing towards composition.  Keep your radar out for a new piece for clarinet and flute duet, a piece for marimba, strings, and voices, and of course more material for solo marimba.  I do plan on writing music without voice to create a relaxation album.

Other than that, I will be working with the Oak Creek Marching Knights Pit section.  A bunch of mallet instruments and auxiliary percussion in front of a marching band – it is like a dream come true to be able to work with that group!  Thank you Amy Fuchs and Guy Gregg 🙂

See everyone around!


Whoa!  Hello July!  Hope all who are reading this are well 🙂

We just had the great experience of “Mike Neumeyer & Friends #7! In case you don’t know, I started MN&F seven years ago to bring friends together to collaborate on musical compositions, arrangements, and projects.  It is a “jazz in the park” show setting at the Veterans Memorial Park Band Shell in Port Washington, WI.  It always turns out to be a very eclectic mixture of music and art – this year we had an accordion medley, Irish music and dancing, poetry/vibraphone/dancing, marimba & euphonium duet, Adele marimba/voice cover, Gotye ensemble arrangement, country, jazz, funk, and more.  On top of everything- there were many puns made on stage.


I am playing a small “tour” next week on July 17th and 18th.  First, I am traveling up to Antigo, WI to play at the Antigo Public Library!  The next day, I drive down to Spring Green, WI to play at the Spring Green Community Library!  Finally, the night of the 18th, I will be playing at The Majestic Theatre in Madison, WI as part of a RAW Showcase called “MIXOLOGY!”  The first two shows of the tour are free for people who attend – but I need to sell twenty tickets for the RAW show in Madison.  Please help and purchase a ticket using the link below! 🙂  See you all on the “tour!”


6.15.12 – I love video games! Mario Bros. Medley Anyone?


I played that show with Nathan Steele, bass and Jesse Schmucker, guitar.  It was a great time and we were able to be the alumni participants in the annual “Pandemonium” fundraiser at Port Washington High School.

I guess I just wanted to say hi and post about a show that is happening as soon as this weekend!  Also to post a wacky quote from an email I sent earlier this week… 🙂

Coming up… I am playing drum-set on Claude Bolling’s “Suite No. 2 for flute and piano trio with the East Side Chamber Players, a not-for-profit group from the East Side of Milwaukee and surrounding areas that promotes and plays high quality works from all styles of art music.  They are having their one year anniversary show this weekend and I am flattered to play.  Please keep an eye out for future ESCP concerts by liking them on facebook.


Why come to this show?  Or any Mike Neumeyer appearance?

Why? I’m a cool guy – Don’t be shy… Apple pie!  I believe I can fly… I believe I can touch the sky… (I don’t think about that every night & day, but now I’m thinking about the movie “Space Jam”)  And now you are too.  🙂 Oh yeah; Cartoons and Michael Jordan.  Bye.


Watch: marimba/voice cover of “Blackbird” by The Beatles


What is this?  This is a blog.  I am starting a blog.  What is that?  That is a picture of me with a Green Bay Packer Super Bowl ring!  Oh yeah…  What have I been up to lately?  Working a lot, teaching, writing, and performing music.

Most recently, I finished composing a euphonium/marimba duet working with great musician and low brass player, Steven Darling.  We premiered the work at his recital at UW-Milwaukee, then played it again at “Voirimba!”  That made up word, other than being a mix between the word voice and marimba, is the name of a fundraiser that I put on with the help of Amy Fuchs and Guy Gregg at Oak Creek High School.  It rocked, they rock and we were able to raise over $300 for the students’ band program!  I also had the pleasure of playing David Friedman’s “Nyack” with amazing percussionist/vibraphonist, Colin O’Day!

The next event that is on the roster is “Mike Neumeyer & Friends #7.”  This is on July 8th, 6:30pm at the Veteran Memorial Park Bandshell in Port Washington, WI.  It is always a nice jazz in the park setting where you can check out the beautiful lakeside city during a relaxing Sunday afternoon/evening.  Hope to see you there!

When will the next blog be?  Stay tuned 🙂

Mike Neumeyer: Composer, Educator, Percussionist, Marimba & Voice