Marimba Presentations

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Marimba Presentations

There are not many musical sounds that are more natural and pleasing than bars of rosewood being played by soft yarn.  This is what the marimba achieves. This instrument is also very visually appealing, whether it is being played or not.  The five-octave marimba, standing 3-4 feet high and stretching just beyond 8 feet wide, can bring an audience in immediately.

Whether the students are in high school or kindergarten, the marimba is visually and sonically appealing to them.  For younger grades Mike presents the marimba as an entity in itself, teaching them about the history of the instrument, the mechanics of how it works, and engaging the students in participatory activities using movement, listening and singing.  For students in band programs, Mike focuses on playing technique while incorporating as much of the marimba possible for the circumstance at hand.

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Mike Neumeyer: Composer, Educator, Percussionist, Marimba & Voice