Relaxing Vibe Solos

During the last few years, I have improvised and written several intermediate vibraphone solos that have a relaxing affect. What really inspired these? Simply playing what I already have available in my toolbox and organizing those ideas!

Feels is another two mallet work (careful, it might give you the “feels”:)

Turn & Hop is a four mallet work directly inspired by fellow vibist Mateus Araujo from Sao Paulo, Brazil – please check out his Facebook page here Mateus Araujo Music – Mateus and I were having great conversations using the crazy internet machines, and this turned into a well of inspiration that hopped into a solo work which I dedicated to him and a friend, Michael Ferraro.

How do I write these? I simply envision the themes that I want to be present in the work, jot down some quick notes and play!  This method has created some great works that are intermediate (even easy) and approachable for a beginning percussionist.

Finally, it doesn’t have to be vibraphone!  Here is a work for marimba called Choral that now has a few different versions. I maybe tooting my own horn here, but I also envision them being like easy program or recital closers, kind of like Evelyn Glennie’s “A Little Prayer.”  A listener can probably tell that this marimba work has been improvised with a direct inspiration from “A Little Prayer’s” texture and chordal beginning.

Consider this video my blog/post closer. I hope you enjoy 🙂


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