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About a month or two ago, a random email came through my website. (well most are random, I guess) A woman needed a song transcribed; I love transcription work, so I continued to talk with her about project. Sharon Edwards-Billings started All Parents on Deck, an organization devoted to inviting parents to begin getting involved and to eventually stay involved with schools and community volunteerism.

introvisation1 Spring Green Comm Library 7-18-12 (4)

The minute I began to listen to the track, it gave me goosebumps and I loved the upbeat sound and message to it. I think within a day I had been singing the song and I had the melody down!

2015-08-22 20.50.22

Transcribing is a fun task for me because I have a pretty good discerning ear for harmony. Grad school and undergrad definitely put me through enough ear training and harmonic dictation tests! I feel good about transcription when I am writing down my own ideas or performances and being able to use those abilities to help someone else get their music out there is a great gig!

The part of this song that really gave me the warm feelings was the message. Just thinking about the many parents that I work with in school programs and people who volunteer at places I play makes me realize how much good there is in the world. The more of that good existing; the better the world will be! I have done numerous volunteer gigs, whether it is for the love of music music education, or humanity. Please folks! Listen to Sharon’s message at All Parents on Deck, and get involved!

Stay Tuned for a public posting of the recording!

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