6.22.2014 – New Works for Marimba & Guitar!

On a floating Saturday at the end of April this year, I got together with guitarist and composer Raul Bonde to record some material we had been working on.  This recording session was produced, mixed & mastered by awesome musician Jaems Murphy.  Check them out here while you read a little about the recording session below!

It was awesome and like clockwork.  Jaems came in with a few cases and a computer and just set up my coffee table as a recording station:

Fro2014-04-26 14.49.48m this vantage point, he could see both Raul, down the hall and in the bedroom and me across from him on the marimba.

2014-04-26 14.49.33

So we were simultaneously recording in different rooms to enhance mixing abilities.  We just wore headphones and Jaems knowledgeably rigged some amplifiers so we could have those headphone monitors.  Just great what one can set up in their own space!

We do this because the vibrations coming from the marimbas resonators in the small space can sometimes be overpowering.  Then there is too much bleeding of that sound into the guitar microphone.  When I am playing with the headphones, I can hear a mix of myself on the different marimba mics and also Raul on the microphones he is using.  It is really cool if you’ve never gotten to do any recording… 🙂

The recording session went well without a hitch and after a few weeks we had awesome tracks from Jaems that were mixed and mastered.

Now, that is not the end for this project in particular.  Along with these five recordings, we have also written the music out and are currently working on the final electronic engravings.  In other words, keep your radar out for SHEET MUSIC that can help you learn these tunes or use them for educational reasons!




Keep a lookout for more marimba recording projects in the future!

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