4.19.14 – Oak Creek High School Fundraiser Events coming up!

Hey Everybody!  (imagine a cowboy/southern voice saying that… that is how I am hearing it… whether the rest of this is country while you read it is up to you) 🙂  Read on about upcoming events at Oak Creek High School!
Oak Creek High School Band Fundraisers Coming Up!

IMG_0779I will be playing at the Oak Creek High School Band Scholarship Fund Dinner on May 4th!  This is taking place at the Oak Creek Community Center and helps raise funds for a continuous scholarship that is offered to students who’s next step is a college degree.

The show will consist of some great arrangements and originals that I wrote recently for solo marimba as well as the normal Neumeyer antics thrown in there 🙂  Please come on out and support the cause and join for a great meal and show!

Click Here for Scholarship Dinner Sign Up Sheet


Voirimba! 2014

cropped-RAW-marimbawon.jpgVoirimba! is the wacky tacky fun and musical (educational) fundraiser performance for Oak Creek High School Bands.  This year students will be involved in the performance and in continuing tradition, I will play tunes with Amy Fuchs and Guy Gregg, the staff of the band department at Oak Creek.  In the past and future we involve guest performers and members of the marching band teaching staff in these performances.

This is such a wonderful opportunity for the students to see music making modeled (awesome alliteration there!) by the people who ask the same thing of them throughout the summer and school year.  If they get to see me showcase the marimba and make some great musical collaborations happen within the walls of their own school and program, it is proof and inspiration for them to do the same type of projects themselves!

Musical Selections for the show include: A new marimba/trumpet duet by Neumeyer, a new marimba/flute Beatles arranagement, a Radiohead arrangement for marimba/guitar, “New”-meyer marimba solos, appearance by the OC Marching Knights bass and snare drum line, and more!

This show is at 7pm on Thursday, May 22nd at the Oak Creek High School Little Theatre.  I’ll see you there!


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